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Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten

I post this track not only because I’m LOVING it, but because the album it’s from (Burn your Fire for no Witness) is just 100% rocking my world my right now. My favourite button at the moment? Repeat, of course.

This gem is driven by the drums, awash in distortion and dotted perfectly with Angel’s urgent vocals – in which she pleads ‘I don’t know anything! But I love you!’ It’s a familiar sentiment and damn you can’t but feel the same about what Angel is doing right now.



St.Vincent – Digital Witness

I absolutely loved ‘Strange Mercy’, and have been waiting, patiently, since then for a new St. Vincent album. Thankfully, Annie Clark’s new self-titled album comes out on 25 February 2014 – so the wait is almost over. This is a cut from the album and it’s a catchy number driven by horns and some funky-ass beats. As usual, we have Annie pondering something worth pndering. Here she seems to mock the digital age, singing: If I can’t show it, if you can’t see me – what’s the point of doing anything?

We’re told that she intends for this album to be a ‘party record you could play at a funeral’. Makes sense…

Very much looking forward to the album, but in the meantime enjoy this oddly hypnotic video for now!

AFI – I Hope you Suffer

I have always had a soft spot for AFI. It feels like we grew up together (not that I claim to be ‘grown up’ now). So I always get excited when they release another album, and the upcoming ‘Burials’ is no exception. In fact, I am probably even more excited for this album because I want AFI to correct (at least in my opinion) their misstep on Crash Love. That album lacked the grit and desperation I’ve come to know and love. While there were bits I liked, it was far too glossy and cautious. With ‘I Hope you Suffer’, we see AFI back to the rollicking anthems they do so well. I can see this being sung along with them around the world. It’s dark and atmospheric and is suited perfectly by the clip. Happy to see AFI back and very much looking forward to ‘Burials’ in October!!

King Khan & the Shrines – Darkness

I must admit, I’m not incredibly familiar with the King’s back catalogue, but I’m now inspired to make sure I do some proper homework before the release of the upcoming album (‘Idle no More’) housing this track. The restrained use of the guitar and horns is a nice touch, and I’m absolutely loving the jazzy soulful core of ‘Darkness’. The video is a really cool claymation that I think is going to take a few more viewings to fully comprehend. Interesting stuff! Very much looking forward to seeing what the King’s album has in store.

Earl Sweatshirt – Hive (ft Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)

Hot off the heels of ‘Chum’ and ‘Whoa’, Earl Sweatshirt drops another track off the hotly anticipated ‘Doris’ (out 20 August 2013). It’s a fairly minimalist track, which is great because it allows us to focus on the menacing bassline, occasional snare and Earl’s laid back rapping style. It’s dark, atmospheric and incredibly fun to listen to – and repeat. Looking forward to Doris!

Phoenix – Trying to be Cool

Phoenix have been doing their thing for quite a while now, and they’ve been doing it very well. Their new album ‘Bankrupt!’ features a wealth of French pop goodness. ‘Trying to be Cool’ is the new single and is definitely one of the highlights off the album. It’s light, it’s catchy and the breakdown is perfectly placed for a crowd singalong. I can imagine this track being played while driving on a  sunny day. The top is down, everyone’s hair is blowing in the wind and it’s just an all round perfect day. Get on the album, it’s tres bien! Simple, sweet and full of these gems.

Janelle Monáe – Dance Apocalyptic

I couldn’t possibly praise Janelle enough. Every genre she touches turns to gold, and this track is no exception. Dance Apocalyptic is off her upcoming album, ‘Electric Lady’ and it’s catchy as hell. It’s funky, sexy and ridiculously infectious. It’s the definition of an ear-worm proper. As for the video, I have no idea what’s going on. All I know is you get a look at Janelle and her sassy band, there are zombie interludes, and a whole lot of fun.

Robyn – U Should Know Better ft Snoop Dogg

I have been banging on about Robyn for years. I reckon her Body Talk albums contained some of the best electro pop ever made. Sweet, somber, dark, light, catchy, thumping – and everything in between. This is a strange clip because it has been released THREE years after the song’s release. No matter, there is NO such thing as too much Robyn. The added bonus here is that you get Snoop before he became a Lion. This track feels like it’s on steroids the whole way, and is sure to be stuck in your head forever and ever and ever. The video is classic. Snoop as a horticulturist (yep), with braids (ok) and hoops (ummm?). Robyn makes a cameo – look out for it, and enjoy!

When a First Impression Fail Smells Like Urine

First impressions count, but they’re strange creatures. Sometimes they lead straight into more of the same (helpful, but boring – no?), but there are times when they take a left turn and lead you down a strange and dimly lit alley. That smell? It’s probably urine.

While walking home the other night, a man approached me with (what looked to be) a boombox on his shoulder. I was stunned. A boombox, in 2013? I thought that was solely reserved for the Beastie Boys (RIP MCA) or the dog from Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’ video. Or even John Cusack (from that movie where he raises a boombox above his head to woo some girl?*). I can now inform you that he was no Beastie Boy, French electro superstar, or even John Cusack. In fact, he didn’t even have a boombox. He was just  lugging home a 24-pack of toilet paper – proudly hoisted upon his shoulder. On that note, I note that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to look gangster while carrying toilet paper. But yeah, first impression fail (FIF).

Then, on the train yesterday – a happy (but dopey) looking old man got on and peered around looking for a seat. No dice, old man – no seats (I was standing, too). Or were there? After scanning the train, his eyes lit up and he pulled out a small fold-out chair from his trolley. He sat down, folded his arms and smiled. Conclusion? He was sitting down (kingly, triumphant and comfortable), and I was the dope standing up. FIF.

Here’s an example of a 10 year-old FIF. I used to work at a supermarket  where I saw a certain woman  on a daily basis. I tried to be nice and strike up casual conversation, but she wouldn’t have it. She was friendly, but apparently not big on words. OR WAS SHE?? You see, the other day I saw her photo in the newspaper – for winning an Australian literary prize.  I was wrong in thinking that this woman had no words. Oh, she had words. Lots of them. Apparently enough for a book. BOOKS, even. It turns out she’s an author, who writes books (i.e. word smorgasbords) for a living. Sigh, 10-year FIF.

Oh, the urine smell? I saw a well-dressed corporate guy walking in front of me last night. He looked like he was Mr Hugo Boss. But just before that first impression had time to fully develop (premature impressionation?**), he turned into an alley and urinated against a wall. FIF.

Life sure does keep you on your toes (especially if you’re Mr Boss and you’re trying not to stand in your own urine).


Oh, here’s that fake dog with a real boombox for your viewing pleasure.

*Google informs me this movie is ‘Say Anything’.

**Where you form a premature first impression. Typically embarrassing.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

The Arctic Monkeys are back with a new single and accompanying video! I’m loving this fuzzed out blues vibe they’ve got going on here. It’s dark and seductive in a way not many bands know how. In the chorus, Alex sings “Crawling back to you, ever thought of crawling when you’ve had a few”? When the music is this good…hell yeah! We’d gladly crawl back to this mob. If this is anything to go by, the upcoming album will be a gem!

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