So, I guess drugs are bad for long-term memory, huh?

There was a character from my previous 9 to 5 (although, back then it was more like my 5 to 2, 3 to 11 etc.). In that story, he played the villain – complete with a trademark outfit (he never seemed to change), limp and drug addict drawl (which sort of impaired his ability to have a catch phrase. Or maybe he did have one but I just couldn’t understand it). He had perfected the whole aaaaaoooouurrggh thing. Oh, we had such interesting duels. He’d walk into the supermarket, and within 2 minutes I would catch him stealing. He always stole the same items (concealer, foundation etc. – he was a classy villain), from the same aisle, although I must admit he liked to mix up the time a bit, which kept our feud interesting. He hated seeing me, because it meant that he knew he would get caught.

The very last words I heard this guy say (after catching him red-handed again) were “I’m gonna kill ya C*&%…the next time I see ya, you’re dead”! And then I didn’t see him for 4 years.

But totally out of the blue yesterday, this character walked right into my current story. It was as if The Joker caught a bus and started hassling Spiderman. I had seen him approaching, but there was no subtle manner in which to get out of his way. So, I just let the moment happen. But nothing did. He walked right past me. No groans, no concealer / foundation, and certainly no death (I don’t think?). He must have clean forgotten. I guess drugs must be bad for your long-term memory, huh? Poor guy, he was probably really looking forward to the whole revenge thing.


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