Spammers and perverts – my biggest fans!?

Since I have been doing this bloggy thing for about a month now, I thought it was a good time to take stock and share my encounters with some of the stuff I haven’t previously had any experience with – spammers and perverts.

While I am far far (FAR) away from this thing taking off and leaving me with an early retirement plan, apparently I am good / bad enough to be spammed. So far the only comments my articles have received have been from spammers (spammists? spamsters?). That’s fine, it’s not as if I’m writing about climate change or the rise and fall / fall / fall of Lindsay Lohan (although I reserve the right to expand on that at some point if I get desperate). Anyhoo, I’ve been getting these really odd comments (illegible at worst, absurdly comic at best) that go nowhere. I don’t get it, who writes these things? How hard is it for spammers to edit them first? Case in point (some of my ‘favourite’ spam):

  • Apparently I write similar to someone else, but they are ‘too far from the internet’?
  • Some guy from Nauru will keep checking my site for ‘new specifics’ – Umm OK.
  • Apparently most people ‘go along with my site’???
  • Some guy said I have an ‘incredible blog’ (I may use this to beef up my cred, actually), then ‘invited’ me to write a post for ‘cheap Jordans’
  • Some guy ‘couldn’t agree more’ with me being pope – refer

So those are the spammers. As for the perverts, I was able to track the search term used by someone who came across the story of my brush with being a creepy escalator guy ( He / she stumbled upon my site after searching for ‘(skirt or dress) (caught or stuck) on an escalator’. It turns out he / she only lasted about 4 seconds on my site. It looks like I didn’t quite tickle their fancy. Eww. Also, it’s oddly ironic that an ACTUAL pervert should accidentally stumble upon the story of how I accidentally looked like an actual pervert. Ha. Life.

That pretty much sums up my first month. Oh yeah, a friend of mine told me that she can’t access my blog from her workplace – it’s been blocked. That’s awesome! It could mean I am important enough to be blocked? Or maybe just bad enough not to have any bandwidth wasted. Either way – they know my name!

Til next time…

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